Apprentice Barbecue Pitmaster


Learning how to care for the smokers inside and out starting with the basics. That includes the importance of maintenance and keeping a clean area. Keeping wood fully stocked (rounds, splits, and kindling).

  •    Date: 01/07/2019
  •    Location: 4301 E University Dr Phoenix, AZ 85034
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·       How to fully clean the smokers inside and out while paying attention to how often deep cleans need to be done. 
·       Know the difference between the 2 types of smokers and how they work.  
·       Learn how to start and run the fires, maintaining a proper fire while holding the right temperature and smoke quality. 
·       Learn when to use different types of wood and why.
·       How to trouble shoot when a fire goes out and how to bring it back. 
·       Learn how to trim and season the meat.
·       Learn how to put the meat on the smokers and the cooking process.
·       Interact with guests in the pit area and in the front of the house.
·       Learn to cut meat to order while talking with guests.

What Do You Need

·       Must love barbecue and have a passion for the process.
·       Realizes there is an art to it and it's not just a set of tasks.
·       A little bit of OCD goes a long way to creating great barbecue.
·       Attention to detail and being able to focus entirely on the now.
·       Ability to maintain focus for a long period of time.
·       Ability to learn, adapt and take pride in what they do.
·       Able to stand on your feet all day.
·       Able to lift 70 LBS
·       Able to work in the heat all day.
·       Being able to communicate well
·       Knife skills