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Little Miss BBQ: The Way Meat Was Meant to Be Cooked

The yelling over BBQ rivals those orange thugs in Northern Ireland describing the Pope. Reticent men will rise from their La-Z-Boys to challenge heresy.The great divide comes over the sauce.Most BBQ is nothing more than slowly smoked beef or pork. On this question, men of all backgrounds, from the educated to my family, pretty much agree. The sauce is another matter.Briefly — and this is simplifying comp...

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Lilliputian ‘cue joint wins big with moist, slow-smoked meats and savory sides.

Little Miss BBQ is one smoking hot mama. Drive past the tiny one-room restaurant during business hours and you’ll likely spy a long line of hungry patrons-to-be outside, their fingers figuratively crossed in hopes of deterring the now-familiar “sold out” sign.And this is in 114-degree heat, mind you. Such is the mastery that Scott and Bekke Holmes – who made waves in the Valley’s amateur competition scen...

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